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How Prognos is Using COVID-19 Data

Women In Data 's NYC chapter had a virtual event centering around how COVID-19 data is being utilized amidst the global pandemic. Kait Arnold, an engineer at VSP Global, and I spoke at this event on May 20, 2020. Kait's focus was data visualization, while I spoke about how clinical laboratory data is analyzed using transformation techniques. The purpose of this event subject was to educate the audience on how companies are working with coronavirus data to better understand the virus and it's spread. The goal of every Women In Data event is to have a welcoming environment for women to network, learn and grow in their careers. So in doing this presentation, not only do I want to educate on the topic but also would love to provide the audience with knowledge needed to do their own COVID analytics, or inspire them to break into a data-related career. Even just one person reaching out to me wanting to know more about the data world, the healthcare domain, and/or programming is a

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