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2020 Book Analysis

Does anyone else remember that kid-friendly computer game called  Storybook Weaver  from the 90s? I have a lot of memories of loading that CD-ROM onto our Windows 95 PC (so archaic!), in order to create and illustrate my own stories. I was probably around 6-7 years old at the time.   I have since shied away from writing, but reading has always stuck with me. It's possible that I can credit this to  Storybook Weaver  for bringing out that passion for books at a very young age.  Since May of 2012, as a junior in high school, I have been tracking every book that I read on  Goodreads . Not only do I have a virtual archive for my books, but I also receive book recommendations based on the books I've enjoyed, and manage a "shelf" of books that I'd like to read (which I always consult when I go to the library!).  As someone whose sole focus at work is datasets, I realized that  I've been collecting a great deal of my own data this whole time without even realizing it

Indiana Department of Child Services Hackathon 2020