2020 Book Analysis

     Does anyone else remember that kid-friendly computer game called Storybook Weaver from the 90s? I have a lot of memories of loading that CD-ROM onto our Windows 95 PC (so archaic!), in order to create and illustrate my own stories. I was probably around 6-7 years old at the time.

 I have since shied away from writing, but reading has always stuck with me. It's possible that I can credit this to Storybook Weaver for bringing out that passion for books at a very young age. 

Since May of 2012, as a junior in high school, I have been tracking every book that I read on Goodreads. Not only do I have a virtual archive for my books, but I also receive book recommendations based on the books I've enjoyed, and manage a "shelf" of books that I'd like to read (which I always consult when I go to the library!). 

As someone whose sole focus at work is datasets, I realized that I've been collecting a great deal of data this whole time without even realizing it! So many potential visualizations and analyses started running through my mind. My Goodreads dataset was comprised of the following at the time of my analysis:
  • 114 books I've read
    • 112 of these have been rated by me on a scale of 1-5
  • 5 books I am currently reading
  • 41 books that I want to read
Each book has what you could consider a "profile", with even more data:

I decided that to ring in the new year, I would reflect on everything I read in 2020. This narrowed my dataset down to 21 books. [Write about how analysis was done]